A core-committee is constituted for the IEEE PES India scholarship scheme as per the following guidelines and responsibilities :

  1. The core-committee of the scholarship consists of all the IEEE PES chapter Chairs from India, the IEEE West Region Chapter Representative, IEEE PES R-10 representative and IEEE India Office Director.
  2. The core-committee draws on time to time broad framework/criteria for the selection procedure, disbursement procedure, the amount to be disbursed, resolving the issues arising in the process etc.
  3. The core committee with the help of its EXECOM members and volunteers is responsible for raising the scholarship fund.
  4. The IEEE India Office Director with his India office support as a core committee member is responsible for all the accounts keeping.
  5. The IEEE PES West representative in consultation with the IEEE PES R-10 representative resolves the disputes or issues arising out of the scheme.
  6. The core committee nominates the scholarship selection committee.
  7. The core-committee identifies the internship facilities to the students availing the scholarship facility.
  8. The core-committee identifies the mentor for each student drawn from the industry, who will hand-hold the student availing the scholarship facility
  9. The core-committee decides the continuity of the student in the subsequent year scholarship program based on the guidelines given in the agreement made between the student and the IEEE PES India Scholarship Award committee.