Dear Donor,

As you are aware, India is set on an ambitious power development plan in the coming years. While the present installed capacity of 267 GW has been able to cater to a peak demand of 134.5 GW, the peak demand of the country is expected to reach 199 GW by 2016-17 and by the end of 13th Plan period (2021-22), this figure would reach about 284 GW. To meet this ever growing demand, massive generation capacity addition is planned. This includes Government of India’s plan to build a 100,000 MW solar energy capacity by 2022. Commensurate with the capacity addition, the T&D system expansion is also being planned for delivery of quality power to the end consumers.

As you would agree, management and operation of such a massive and complex power network of the future by qualified and skilled manpower is a highly demanding task. While the pool of potential recruits is sufficiently large, the challenge is in attracting the young under-graduates to the power sector. With a large number of other growing industries and manpower intensive sectors like IT becoming the preferred choice for the best talent, the Power Sector needs to find innovative ways of attracting well qualified manpower. Power industry groups as well as large companies in the sector need to work on creating a positive brand image for the sector in order to attract fresh talent.

As of 2013-14, the intake of students to the technical education institutes in the country was about 1,634,600. More than 1500 engineering colleges are offering degree in the electrical stream and the degree awarded in most of the colleges is called “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”. The average intake of the students to the electrical engineering stream is to the extent of about 75,000 per year. It is the general notion in the country that the electrical engineering stream is a tough prospect compared to other engineering streams, as the student needs to study more of mathematics and the curriculum involves more of complex problem solving. In this way, the electrical stream is not able to attract the real talent and for the students, it has become a stream of compulsion rather than of interest.


It is in this context that the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) India is instituting the “IEEE PES India Scholarship Award (IPISA) Fund” with the aim of attracting bright & meritorious students to the Electrical Engineering stream. The IPISA is to serve the following objectives:

  1. To attract the real talent and meritorious students to electrical engineering stream by extending the scholarship to toppers in the pre-engineering qualifying examination.
  2. To give adequate opportunities to the selected students to do their internship in the core engineering companies and create an interest, so that the top rank students passing out of the engineering colleges will opt for job opportunities in the core engineering companies.
  3. To give required exposure to the selected students by giving opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences conducted by IEEE.


The amount of scholarship proposed is Rs. 75,000/- (Rs. Seventy five thousand only) per student per year for the duration of the professional degree course. Selection of awardees would be done through a transparent selection process by an expert committee comprising representatives of IEEE India, IEEE PES chapters in India, power industry and academicians from IITs & NITs. To give away adequate scholarships, it is proposed to setup an endowment fund titled “IEEE PES India Scholarship Award Fund” and the fund money would be utilized for the scholarship purposes only. We propose to work together with donors from power sector to evolve the Endowment fund so as to give the scholarships to the bright and motivated students. We are also approaching the power industry through a separate letter for providing unique and tailor-made internship program for these students in furthering their professional development.

Being an important stakeholder in the Indian power sector development, we thought it appropriate to request you or your esteemed organization to be a donor to the IPISA fund. The donor can donate money towards the Fund as below:

  1. 10,00,000/- (ten Lakhs) towards endowment fee as an “Endowment Donor’
  2. 3,00,000/- (three Lakhs) towards supporting one student fee for four years tenure as “Single Student Donor”.
  3. 75,000/- (Seventy five thousand) towards supporting one student fee for one year tenure as “Annual Donor”.
  4. 1% of the annual income towards the scholarship as “IPISA 1% Club Donor”


Donations made towards IPISA fund can avail the IT exemption under 80G.

We are sure that you or your organization will help us foster a new generation of leaders and technocrats that will move India forward in power sector. We thank you for your support and await a favorable reply. The bank transfer details are given in the donor form.